belt1 [ belt ] noun count **
1. ) a narrow piece of leather, cloth, etc. that you wear around your waist, for example to keep your clothes in place or for decoration:
a leather/plastic belt
put on/fasten a belt
a ) in some types of MARTIAL ART such as JUDO and KARATE, a narrow piece of a material worn around the waist to show that you have achieved a particular standard:
He has a brown belt in karate.
2. ) an area of land where there is a particular industry, activity, etc.:
the corn belt
a ) an area where a particular type of person lives:
the city's commuter belt
b ) a long thin area that contains a lot of a particular thing:
a belt of trees
c ) an area containing a lot of a particular thing that surrounds something else:
an asteroid belt
3. ) a circular band that helps to turn or move something in a machine
4. ) AMERICAN INFORMAL a drink of strong alcohol
below the belt
a comment that is below the belt is cruel and unfair
get/have something under your belt INFORMAL
to achieve something that is important and useful:
You need to get a few more qualifications under your belt.
give someone/something a belt VERY INFORMAL
to hit someone or something hard
take a belt to someone INFORMAL
to hit someone with a belt as a punishment, usually on their back or bottom
belt 2 [ belt ] verb
1. ) transitive INFORMAL to hit someone or something very hard:
Jeter belted a home run.
2. ) transitive to fasten a piece of clothing with a belt
3. ) intransitive belt along/down etc. BRITISH INFORMAL to move somewhere very quickly:
They went belting along the road.
,belt `down phrasal verb transitive AMERICAN INFORMAL
to drink alcoholic drinks quickly, one after another:
belting down shots of whiskey
,belt `out phrasal verb transitive INFORMAL
to shout or sing something loudly or play something loudly on a musical instrument:
Mahalia Jackson belting out a gospel tune

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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